Extract Fan Testing

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We are privileged to be one the first to provide extract testing throughout the UK with specialist advice on achieving compliance and how best resolve any potential problems. Numerous  building controls are now asking for extract testing and many will refer to the process as Testing of mechanical air flow rates or extractor fan testing  this statement may be found under Part F of building regulations, however, if you are unsure please contact us or your local building control.

Book your extract test and air tightness test together and we can provide a reduction in price.

How easy is it to achieve compliance?

Compliance can be easily achieved dependent on the type of extract / trickle vent and the length of the ductwork, however, a major factor is the air tightness figure the dwelling achieves. For example, an extract / cooker hood in a property with large amounts of air leaked will find it easy to remove any moisture and air from the property; therefore, a lower powered extract could be used. In comparison, a property that achieves an air tightness figure of below 8 may require more powerful extract to remove air / moisture as there is less air infiltration within the property.


Best way to achieve compliance

  1. At least one trickle vent per window or two for double windows etc.
  2. Use the shortest possible ductwork path and prevent any blockage.
  3.  The installation of modest / high power extracts if using length of ductwork inline or centrifugal fans are better suited than axial.
  4. At least a 10mm undercut for each internal door.

Are there minimum rates I need to achieve?

Yes. Depending on the location within the dwelling and the facilities the room has will affect the rate required. For example, a bathroom will have a different target compared to toilet.

What should I do?

Before the test please ensure all trickle vents / extract fans and cooker hoods are installed and are working correctly. If the product is faulty this could make testing difficult.

What is the importance of the test?

As builders become comfortable on the requirements of achieving a low air test score it has increased the pressure on ensuring the correctly sized purpose ventilation systems are installed. For example, extracts units are placed within rooms where water vapour or pollutants are released it is important to remove them and stop the spread to the remaining house as long-term impacts could be dampness or mould which both affect a person’s health.

Book your extract/ extractor fan test and air test together and we can provide a reduction in price.

For more information on extract testing or the requirements regarding Building Regulation Part F please do not hesitate to contact us

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